Asiel RF Customer Comments


“I waited 30 years for my Formigli. At the time, I didn’t know it would be a Formigli, but my fantasy of owning a custom Italian road bike that was decked out with nothing but the finest components started 30 years ago, when I was a teenager rolling around on my prized Schwinn Super LeTour 12.2 amongst some serious road racers on beautiful Italian road racing steeds.  Fast forward 30 years and I decided that finally fulfilling my custom Italian road bike fantasy would get me in a lot less trouble than the most common “Mid-Life Crisis” alternatives!I’ve owned all sorts of road and off-road bikes over the years, but this bike had to be truly unique… and worthy of a 30 year wait!

“Custom Carbon Italian” were the words I entered into Google in January, 2010.I soon found the brand new FormigliUSA site. The bikes were beautiful, but quite a mystery.  I’d never heard of Formigli and I thought I knew quite a bit about Italian frame builders.  What’s more, after a lot of effort, I really couldn’t find much of anything online that would validate the brand.  At the time, I wondered if Formigli was a legitimate company!

After many discussions and online interactions with Amy and her peers in Italy, I finally took the leap of faith, got fitted and ordered my dream bike… an Asiel RF… a bike that (at that time) had never been sold in the U.S.What was I thinking?!

When my RF arrived, I was stunned. The frame was incredibly beautiful and unlike any frame I had ever seen.Every tube shape in the RF is unique and tailored to its function. More importantly, this bike was perfectly tailored to me.  The RF was also much beefier in-person than in any picture I had seen.  This bike was truly a work of art.

What is custom, anyway? The answer is… I am custom!  I learned through my custom fitting that I have incredibly long legs for someone my height. This explained a lot about all of my prior stock road bike setups, which often ended up looking disproportionate in order to provide me the proper riding fit, with lots of spacers and crazy seat heights relative to my bars.

During my RF’s design process, Renzo Formigli provided me multiple frame geometry options that would all achieve a perfect fit for me.One of my biggest design goals was to have a clean-lined stem/head tube interface, with few-to-zero spacers and no rise in the stem.To achieve this, Renzo had to build me the largest head tube he’d ever built.At 250mm in length, most folks think my head tube looks like a 16oz Tall Boy beer can!

The effect of Renzo’s design on my riding has been amazing.  I intentionally waited several months to write this testimonial because I didn’t want to over-react during the “honeymoon period” of completing such a beautiful build. Now I have close to 2,000 miles on my RF and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight to this “honeymoon period”!

At 17lb’s fully-built, my RF is incredibly light and strong for a frame this large. People are amazed when they pick up my bike because it looks so tall, beefy and strong at first glance. The effect of Renzo’s design on the RF’s ride quality is nothing short of amazing. My friends all comment on how much quieter and faster I am going up hills.I stay seated much more than I used to and my riding friends tell me that I audibly scrub less speed under power and throw my bike side-to-side much less than I once did. I attribute this both to perfect bike fit, as well as the incredible transfer of power I feel when seated and hammering on the RF.

The RF has an almost “silky” or “buttery” feel on rough roads. I hesitated to write that last sentence because it sounds like Marketing-speak, but I don’t know how else to describe the road sensation of this bike. I spend most of my riding time on the RF in the hilly, country backroads of the Ohio River Valley that can be fairly rough… especially during the Winter months.Rough roads seem to disappear under the RF, with no loss of power transfer… it’s almost like having suspension!  Most of my rides on the RF have ranged from 4-7 hours and I rarely feel “beat up” at the end of long rides like I often used to feel on my other bikes.

My riding friends all comment on my improved riding performance, but they comment more on the incredible look of RF. The design and paint are unique and always seem to draw rave reviews… especially on sunny days!

Thank you, Amy, Renzo, Nicolo and the whole Formigli Team for helping me realize my dream road bike. The journey continues!”


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