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The $22,500 Bicycle

Posted on The $22,500 Bicycle “In the world of cycling, they’re sometimes called “halo” bicycles—aspirational two-wheelers that can come with a price tag of $20,000 or more. For the buyer, that means one of two options: top-of-the-line models from premier bike manufacturers, or a handmade and customized bike that fits its owner as well […]

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Ben Serotta’s ONE

Ben Serotta’s Formigli ONE Excerpts from Ben’s blog about his Formigli ONE bicycle. “Some bicycles are just bicycles. Others speak to you, imploring you to ride. The Formigli sings. It’s sound is a combination of hard driving rock and roll and classic tear-stained arias, the quintessential Italian machine, delivers bold, forward reaching design and meticulous […]

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