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Check out what Formigli customers have to say about their Formigli bikes.


Genesi Rider Review

“I own a 1988 Ferrari Red Pinarello with SL Tubing, a 2006 Bianchi 928 (Carbon) and a 2010 Bianchi Infinitio (Carbon). In July of 2013 I added another Italian beauty to my harem (my wife’s terminology…) The Formigli Genesi is quicker (scary) and livelier than my other Italian steeds….I like to ride “spirited” club rides […]

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Asiel RF Owner Ride Review

Testimony from an RF Owner “The effect of Renzo’s design on my riding has been amazing. I intentionally waited several months to write this testimonial because I did not want to over-react during the honeymoon period of completing such a beautiful build. Now I have close to 2,000 miles on my RF and there does […]

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Ben Serotta’s ONE

Ben Serotta’s Formigli ONE Excerpts from Ben’s blog about his Formigli ONE bicycle. “Some bicycles are just bicycles. Others speak to you, imploring you to ride. The Formigli sings. It’s sound is a combination of hard driving rock and roll and classic tear-stained arias, the quintessential Italian machine, delivers bold, forward reaching design and meticulous […]

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