Formigli is a custom carbon road bike and steel frame builder based in Florence Italy. We are pleased to introduce you to one of the few remaining hand made custom frame craftsmen in the world.

Mr. Formigli specializes in hand crafting carbon road bikes and Italian steel frames. Formigli is deeply connected to the Italian tradition of building frames by hand. Made in Italy means every piece of a Formigli frame was 100% Made in Italy. The carbon and steel are made from Italian materials. The carbon and steel tubes are manufacture in Italy. The tubes are cut and hand assembled in our shop in Florence. The paint process takes place in our shop outside of Florence.

Formigli is rooted in the rich heritage of Italian frame building masters. Mr. Formigli learned his steel frame building craft from the legendary Cinelli. We use Columbus tubing for the beautifully crafted steel frames.

We manufacture our carbon tubes in Tuscany. They are made by laying carbon in in our proprietary molds. Every unique Formigli bicycle frame is built custom for its eventual rider. Each frame a one of a kind piece of art. After you are measured, a frame is perfectly crafted by hand. We use the highest quality materials and latest technology. Each frame is finished with a custom paint design.

A Formigli frame is as unique as the individual for whom it is created. Click here to read more about Renzo Formigli