UK’s Cyclist hails aluminum Uriel as “the very essence of a racing bicycle”


UK’s Cyclist just updated their review of Mr. Formigli’s custom aluminum bike frame:  the Uriel – bespoke geometry as always.  Their James Spender concluded that the “Uriel has no frills yet is a highly accomplished race bike that rides and handles with both brawn and clarity”.

He both praised and languished in the Uriel’s stiffness, recalling that “the sensation of brutal speed was like few bikes can muster”.  For all the jostling he took hammering on rough roads, he went on to write:  “If this were another bike we might have parted ways there and then, but for all this bone-shaking madness I finished those first two rides, and many after, with a Cheshire grin. The reason, I think, is that the Uriel is just an honest bike.”

Click here to read his warm review of the aluminum Uriel.

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