Customer Test Ride Review Carbon Women’s Venere

Venere Carbon

Venere Women’s Carbon

“Riding the Venere has taken biking to a new meaning for me.  Ever the casual rider with a few triathlons thrown in, I never really truly understood how much fun riding a bike could be.  Maybe I lacked the skills or the confidence to handle a bike, but all that changed once I received my Formigli.  The minute I sat on that thing, I realized this was going to be different, and what all those bike magazines were talking about.  The smoothness has no comparison to anything I’ve ever ridden in the past 10 years.  Before I would tense up riding over a pot hole or bump.  Now I just laugh at those as my Formigli glides over them like a small pebble in the road.  What this has lead to, is a renewed self confidence in my bike handling skills.  I scream down the hills of Southern California like a kid on a new toy knowing my bike & I, can handle anything it throws my way.  Before I would never let myself go over 30 mph downhill, now I try to push past 45 mph with a fearlessness I never knew I had, with arms and hands relaxed versus gripped tight with fear of crashing.  I love the feeling of knowing I’m not going to crash on every little bump.  The bike is so smooth and seamless sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m on a bike at all. 

One of the most compelling things about this bike is all the comments I get.  From other cyclists to even the beach bums of Ocean Beach who just so happen to know about bikes.  Everyone comments on the beauty of my equipment, and I’m so amazed at how many people inquire about the brand and where it came from.  It’s like an exotic diamond that no one has ever seen.  I love telling the story of how I found Formigli, and the true love that ensued.  There is just no comparison for a custom-fit frame, especially if you love to explore and spend hours on your bike roaming the world.”-J.Clancy

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