Every part of a Formigli frame is designed to create a faster overall rider/bike. Considering the bike alone as an aerodynamic entity, without a rider, is not useful. Aerodynamic drag in cycling is a complex calculation that includes the frame’s tube design and geometry — and more importantly, factors like rider, clothing, helmet, bottles, and wheels.

As much attention as is focused on building aerodynamic frames, Formigli believes it is paramount to focus on creating an ideal aerodynamic position for the rider.

Advertising claims can convince riders that a slippery frame is more important than a great fitting one. Study of aerodynamics shows us that the cyclist’s position has more effect on aerodynamic drag than the design of the riderless frame.

  • Di2 EPS Ready Designed for seamless integration hiding components from the wind.
  • Each tube is designed to interact with the airflow to reduce overall drag.
  • Integrated Aero Seat Post smooths airflow around the frame.
  • Rear wheel cut-out dramatically reduces aerodynamic drag.
  • Internal Cables reduce drag and are mechanic-friendly

The rigidity of a racing frame is one of its most fundamental characteristics. When building a frame for a customer, it is the first topic of consideration.

Carbon tube engineering asks: What is the right material construction? And, where should we put it?

Formigli uses carbon tubes with greater stratification (layers) at the points of torsion in the frame, where twisting loads are strongest. We thus add stiffness without adding weight.

Three methods we at Formigli incorporate into the design of each frame to increase its rigidity:

  • We reduce the space at the front of the frame between the top tube and the down tube.
  • We reduce the space between the down tube and the seat tube.
  • We lower the seat stays for better rear wheel traction.

When we make a frame, weight is the last thing on our mind. Weight is not the most important element. In fact, for racing we add more carbon wraps at the joints to improve performance and stability. A Formigli frame has to be torsionally rigid to be race ready. With our Trama 3K carbon fiber and bonded tubes, our frames have torsional strength not possible in a monocoque frame.