Carbon Frames and Stratification

What determines the stratification in the tubes? The points of stress in a frame. In general, the seat tube, down tube and chain stays are made with more highly stratified carbon that assures greater strength for the frame as a whole.


High modulus carbon T 800 high modulus multi layered, uni and bi directionally laid carbon.  The T 800 carbon Renzo chose for THE ONE allows him to build-in flexibility at specific points on the frame. Previous carbons denied him that control. Thanks to the new carbon, Renzo found he was able to use new tube shapes, diameters, and angles throughout the frame as never before.

What this means to you on the road: There is no other bike like it. It’s not just the highest performing racing bike Renzo has ever made, magically it is also his most comfortable for gran fondos and club rides.  Riders comment that once they ride their ONE their PR’s are crushed, and they just can’t ride their other carbon bikes again.


IM600 carbon, 6 layers + 3k cross weave -the upper, visible layer
Laminate: Layered unidirectional and bidirectional oriented 12kResin: Epoxy Fiber:Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) Fabric: Preimpregnated fabric yarn (long fiber) molded with a vacuum sealing technique and chemically bonded 120°c. Engineered and manufactured for Formigli in Italy
Tensile Strength:220 Kgmmg
Modulus Elasticity:38,000 Kgmmg
Fatigue:100 million cycles/ 1400 MPa maxiumum load
Physical weight of carbon at 18°c is 1.86 kg/ dm3 (30% resin)
Proprietary Formigli tubes designed and manufactured in Florence

What this means to you on the road: An RF won’t flex or loose power when sprinting or starting from a stop. Descending is a dream, cornering tight and accurate. An RF transfers all of its riderʼs power to the road on climbs. At the same time it is comfortable on long rides, perfect for a 100-kilometer ride or a Gran Fondo. Or for a Masters racer who wants a light race bike that fits…perfectly.


A Genesi is made from the best 4-5 layer Italian carbon fiber money can buy – made exclusively by Renzo Formigli in Italy.

What this means to you on the road: A Genesi offers pure riding pleasure, striking a perfect balance between stiffness, durability, and comfort. Adjectives we hear from Genesi riders are: comfortable, smooth, solid, steady, sturdy, quick, reactive, light, and crisp.


The FGR has 3 layers of high modulus carbon.

An FGR is distinguished by being light weight with round tubes and a rear vertical version b-stay.

What does this mean to you on the road: The FGR has a more rigid feel on the road allowing you to corner with ease, feel the road beneath you, and lay the power down without the frame flexing.