Hand Painted Bicycles


The painting of a Formigli frame is a meticulous process as the beauty and refinement of the finished product depend upon this phase. Painting, Formigli-style, requires time and patience. It is completed entirely by hand without mechanization.

To determine a frameset’s design and color, Formigli studies the frame, its image, and multiple color charts. The completed product is a work of art. It is uniquely…Formigli.

Any frame’s color can be specified according to the taste of its (excited) eventual rider.


First the frame is lightly sanded to remove impurities. Then a substance is painted onto the frame to smooth the surface, and the frame is examined for any small imperfections.

A putty-like substance is applied to any points of imperfection. The frame is again lightly sanded. A priming coat is sprayed onto the frame so the paint will adhere perfectly.

The first layer of paint is applied. The frame is placed in an oven to set and dry that base layer. Then masks for paint design are applied and the next color is sprayed on.

This process continues until all the layers of paint are on the frame. After that, the decals go on, and the frame is left to dry for seven hours. A finish coat of varnish is sprayed on to add brightness and shine to the frame.

Upon completion of a painstaking quality check, the Formigli frame is ready for its rider.