Genesi Customer San Diego Review


“The photos online of the Formigli Genesi looked great and I couldn’t wait to see one, to actually ride one. When I opened up the box, I was more impressed than I thought I would be. This frame is just beautiful. Clean lines, simple, but it also screams speed. Even before I built it up, I couldn’t help but notice it seemed like a strong frame. The head tube and bottom bracket shell makes the bike look solid. And the fork looked firm and unwavering. Yet, when I picked it up I could tell it was still a light frame. Okay, maybe not so much that it needed an extra paperweight dropped in the seat tube to meet UCI regulations, but still it was light enough without sacrificing strength. In all of my years of riding and racing I can appreciate having a little bit of substance in a frame. I certainly do not like the wimpy feel of the current bikes that just trim weight to make sales. Besides, who wants to cram a Father’s Day gift inside their bike to keep it on the ground?

Now, I had always been proud of my previous Italian frame. I liked to show it off and get comments on how pretty it is. And after having owned a custom made frame, I always liked to show up on a ride and show off a bike that I knew no one else in the world owned. No one could just walk into a shop and buy one off the shelf.

Sure as a coach and former racer I appreciate performance, speed, and power. The pleasure of working hard in a fast-moving pack or drilling it in a finishing sprint picks my heart rate up even now. But there is much more to a bicycle.

If we are passionate about them, we understand. It is more than a machine it is a work of art. And there is more to it than light carbon. There is a soul, a personality. The Formigli hit all of those traits wonderfully. It was well balanced. There was no doubt I needed to build this bike up right. I needed to complement the frame best I could to complete this work of art.

So I decided I needed to stay with as many Italian components as possible. I went with Deda stem, bars, and seatpost, a Prologo saddle, and Campagnolo crankset. Even included Tiso derailleurs for a unique touch. For the wheels, I had to go with my recently purchased Easton EA90slx clinchers.

For the weight weenies out there, in total, with pedals and cages, the bike weighs in at 16.4 lbs. Throw on some lighter wheels or swap to carbon bars and stem and I am sure I could get this closer to 15 pounds or even less.

The bar tape was wrapped, the final adjustments were made and I finally got a chance to get out on the road. And when I returned I was beaming. Some of the adjectives that immediately came to mind were: smooth, solid, steady, sturdy, quick, reactive, light, crisp, comfortable. In I tested it on a variety of roads from flat fast stretches to steep grades to technical corners. Each new terrain, the frame tackled with ease. It is responsive and accelerates quickly, almost effortlessly – a testament to the structure of the rear triangle. On the climbs, I can tell the power is being transferred directly where it should be. There is no energy loss. And on the descents and corners I feel confident in carving an edge. The front end holds the line I guide it into and it does not give a jittery uncontrolled feeling most of today’s carbon bikes give. The bike rides just as smooth without hands on the bars as it does tucked into the drops.

Riding the bike was pure pleasure and seeing and hearing other’s reactions gave me satisfaction that passion for beauty still exists. Renzo and everyone at Formigli, keep putting your passion into the frames. Continue your mastery of bicycles and please continue the perfect blend of performance, art, and soul.”

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