Genesi is FAST


It has taken me too long to write this letter to express my gratitude for the unbelievably great bike you made for me! The first day I received my Genesi, I took it out on a route that had a big climb that I had just set a PR on the day before.  My legs were pretty tired from pushing the day before but I really wanted to see what the Formigli had to offer.  I beat my previous day’s PR by 12%!  Unreal.  I thought that maybe it was just “new bike psyche”, so I continued to keep an eye on some of my Strava routes to see if this held up over time.  Well, it has been a year now and my times are significantly faster than with my other bike. Not only is this Genesi an excellent climbing bike but it descends like nothing I have ever ridden.  When I get down in the drops, the response in steering is so precise it never ceases to amaze me.  And even though I weigh less than 150 lbs, I am constantly passing larger riders on descents when we are all in the tucked position.  This has never happened before.

On top of this, the ride is terrific, the bike has a beautiful shape and the paint scheme is stunning!  I get so many comments on how beautiful my bike is and how it really stands out on our group rides.  Thank you Kensington for talking me into the blue accent paint scheme.  I absolutely LOVE it.  On my first group ride, the local Colnago rep came up and said he had never seen such a beautiful paint job.  Pretty high praise indeed.
Thanks again!
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