Genesi Owner Ride Comments

So I have gone on 3 rides so far and have the following review for you. First I want to mention that I have been ridding a litespeed vortex Titanium bike for 14 years. What I noticed immediately about the new bike was how stiff the frame was. Just amazing I love it. Also I noticed how quick to respond it is when I start to go for speed. And going up hills is much easier. Also making turns going down hill is great I have way more control with the stiff frame. Now the frame and bike is about 4 pounds lighter than my old litespeed but the new frame feels more substantial while I am ridding it. Oh and I cannot forget to mention what a perfect fit it is right from the first ride. So in summary: Wow worth every penny. Build out: SRAM Red 22 Easton EC90 Handlebars Ritchey WCS Stem (C-260) Ritchey Carbon WCS Seat Post Speedplay Zero Stainless pedals fizi;k seat Mavic Ksyrium Elite S wheels Mavic Yksion Pro tires


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