Genesi Rider Review

“Today I want to touch base and send a picture of the finally assembled Genesi. By now I have put about 150 miles on it. I am so glad having made the decision of getting the Genesi. I am very happy with my new bike. It is everything I had hoped for! The frame’s geometry turned out quite a bit larger than my previous frame, but I now realize, thanks to Renzo’s design, how much I needed a larger frame. Although I am still getting used to the new geometry, I can already tell that I will be a better rider. The frame is as stiff as I wanted it to be, and for the first time I feel comfortable taking corners at high(er) speeds. Again, thank you so much for your help putting this together, and please forward a thank you also to Renzo’s who has really done a fantastic job! Well, and the bike is a real “head-turner” here in Davis! With best wishes from foggy Davis, California USA!”

Genesi seat tube

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