Genesi San Diego Rider Review



I am 22 years old. I started road racing just over a year ago, after I moved to California from Florida. I now live in La Mesa, CA and will have my category 3 upgrade early in the 2011 season if all goes as planned! My focus is on road races that have a heavy emphasis in climbing, but being in So Cal, I will be doing a hefty amount of criteriums as well. This made me choose to race on Formigli’s Genesi frame. It’s a great all-rounder bike. It’s light enough for the climbs, but doesn’t sacrifice other performance aspects of the frame to achieve it. From ride quality to performance, no aspect of this bike was looked over or neglected. It is a perfect balance of everything I want in a frame and I’m confident this bike will help me to achieve my dreams.

I believe that a bike should be fit and built to the individual as much as possible. In training, one wouldn’t want to use someone else’s training program or a cookie cutter regiment to achieve the best possible results, they would want to have a training program designed specifically for their individual needs. I believe the same is true of one’s bike. To achieve the greatest comfort and performance out of your bike it has to be as perfect for you as possible. This is where Formigli really shines. They work closely with their customer’s to provide the best product possible to their clients. I’ve been out on group rides and had folks tell me how great my Formigli fits me while watching me ride.

I also believe that companies should really stand behind and support their products 100%. The folks at Formigli clearly demonstrate a driving passion for what they do. They strive to provide the best product, service, and experiences to their clients and have such an admirable pride in doing so. I couldn’t be happier with the product I’ve received and couldn’t ask for a better relationship with my friends at Formigli!

So I got the bike fit up and have been riding it for a week… it’s nothing short of amazing. I can’t believe how stiff/responsive it is AND at the same time a very comfortable ride. I love the stiffness and responsiveness of an aluminum frame, which this definitely gives me, but lighter, AND a comfy ride. Wow. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on the bike already and haven’t gone on any group rides or races yet with it. A great climbing bike, for sure!!

You and Renzo rule. Please tell Renzo thank you again. You guys are fantastic.



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