Italian Cycling Journal Features Formigli Steel 12/18/10

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2010 Gold Lugs by Formigli

“This is a custom ordered Formigli “Classic” steel frameset. The lugs are real gold. Formigli works with a jeweler in Florence who after meticulously preparing the lugs dips them in 24k gold. Of course, the frame can be ordered with chromed lugs.  It’s not surprising to learn of this type of work taking place in Florence (Firenze in Italian). The “fiorino d’oro” of the Republic of Florencea, a coin struck from 1252 to 1523 was the first European gold coin struck in sufficient quantities to play a significant commercial role since the seventh century. As many Florentine banks were international supercompanies with branches across Europe, the florin quickly became the dominant trade coin of Western Europe for large scale transactions, replacing silver bars in multiples of the mark. Today, you can find many businesses specializing in gold.”


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