What is our order process?


Ready to buy the Italian road bike you’ve always wanted?
Figure on under 60 business days for your frame to arrive to your door.
The process is simple, we work one on one with you to design the bike of your dreams.

1. To place your order call 800.546.7939, or start by filling out the order form.

2. Email us with any questions.

3. Fill out the order form.

4. We will receive your order, review it, and contact you by email and phone.

5. Renzo Formigli will mock up graphically the frame/fork geometry for your custom frame. We will email you this file. Because the word custom is so often misused, we remind you: this is your frame or bicycle, made for you from scratch, specifically as Renzo Formigli imagines you on your bike. It is made from scratch, and will fit only you.

6. Review the geometry, ask any questions that come to mind and make any changes you see fit.

7. Email us a confirmation of the final geometry. We will put up this final geometry on a webpage that you will have a link to that contains entire order summary, geometry, and paint scheme.

8. Once the geometry and order details are confirmed, the order is finalized. We will email you a total price. We will ask you for a deposit of 50% of the total. If you prefer to pay by wire transfer to our International account in California USA, request wire instructions via email. We also accept all credit cards and paypal, through which payment will be shown as paid to Formigli International LLC.

9. Once we are in receipt of your deposit, Renzo will begin building your bike.

10. Figure on 60 business days to build your frame. (Not including vacation days that fall on business days).

11. We will email you a photo of Renzo with your frame without paint and another with paint prior to the shipping date. We do this to make sure you’re delighted with the frame and with the color.

12. At this point, we will email you an invoice for the balance.

13. Once we receive that final payment and we’ve confirmed that our shipping instructions are clear, we ship your new bike direct to you.

14. We provide tracking information.

15. We ship your frame or complete bicycle via UPS. Please inspect the box when the UPS truck brings it to you. If there is damage to the box, please ask the UPS driver to document that damage. Such damage is a UPS error, and will need to be filed on their system.

Your Formigli frame has a 2 year warranty, non transferable. During its lifetime we can repair any damaged tubes. We can also repaint your frame at any time. We guarantee your fit. If you have any issues please contact us.