Paci Giovanni President Team Continental Italy Formigli Review

“For almost five years I have had Formigli frames and have ridden them over 16,000 kilometers. I started on the Genesi. When the 2009 Asiel came out, I had to have one, so now have both of the bicycles. Now with the new Asiel 2011 called the RF coming out, I will be buying that as soon as they are being made available.


The professionalism in which Renzo Formigli makes his frames is unparalleled. I have been so impressed in the professional manner in which I have been consulted on which frame is best for me and the perfect fit of the bike. I wouldn’t buy a bike from any other company. There is no superior product on the market and there is no company that cares more in building and fitting a frame to a cyclist like Formigli.”

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