Fillet brazed custom steel. Steel is classic, beautiful and a joy to ride, but a lugged frame allows the frame to micro flex, making the bike imperceptibly slower. Removing the lugs and replacing them with fillet brazed joints allows for the best of both worlds. Perfect for cyclocross, gravel, or anything the road dares throw at you.

Crafted with fillet brazed joints, this frame marries the timeless beauty and joy of riding with cutting-edge performance.

Experience the best of both worlds – the classic appeal of steel with the agile responsiveness of a modern design.

From cyclocross to gravel adventures to road cycling, this frame is your ultimate companion, ready to conquer whatever challenges the road throws your way.

Hand crafted artistry in metal



Frame MaterialCOLUMBUS spirit steel tubes
Dropouts materialSteel Drops
Cross BikeOptional modification
Seat postNon integrated. Frame compatible with seat post diameter 31.6 tapered seat tube
Steerer tubeNo Thread 1/8 Length 300 mm
Optional Electronic shiftingNo
Steel SpecsNiobium is a special steel with manganese,chrome, nickel, molybdenum and niobium.*
PaintBlack, Sky Blue
Paint finishMatte or glossy
SizeMade to order custom for each customer, we have no stock frames
Bottom bracketItalian or English
Head TubeIntegrated 1/8- 1/5. Head set included with purchase. 1/8-1/5
ForkHigh Modulus Carbon 1/8-1/5
CablesExternally routed
BrakesDisc brake option available with modified fork for cyclocross or road
Front DerailleurBraze on

Cellini Reviews

Mark M.

Uriel Aluminum

Reviewed January, 2023

How do I like the frame? It’s lovely and the ride is fabulous. No problems with it being too stiff or unforgiving on the road.  I ride 20 to 25 miles a day and find I’m enjoying the Formigli more and more. No complaints, whatsoever. I also have a carbon bike but the fit on the Formigli is superb. It fits and I haven’t had that kind of fit for 50 years.

Also, put a new pair of HED wheels on…alloy. Again, the roads out here are horrible but I have no problems with the aluminum frame with alloy wheels.



January 2023

The Cellini has finally arrived to New Zealand … the frame is gorgeous!

The main things that stood out to me was how lightweight the steel frame is – the spirit steel is very impressive. The brazed joints are perfectly smooth and seamless, and the paint job looks fantastic.

The frame is safe in its box for now – I’m currently sourcing the groupset and wheels. I’ll be in touch and send some photos once it’s all put together.

Thank you so much. I love this frame and aim to take good care of it.

Kyle R.


Reviewed May 22, 2023

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
I have to say I’ve never ridden a bike so balanced and smooth.
Even without fine tuning it felt amazing.
I have no idea what I’ve been waiting for?
Why did I not buy one of these earlier?
Initial words to describe the ride:



Renzo is an absolute master at frame building.
He’s created a beautiful but functional piece of art.
Lastly, the bike is beautiful!!!