Frame Design

Each frame originates from the creative visionary, Renzo Formigli.
Utilizing 3D innovation, he crafts a cutting-edge prototype, harnessing 40 years of experience to enhance its design through computer analysis to optimize the frame’s characteristics.
Proprietary molds are produced in Florence, and carbon tubes are manufactured by a specialist company used by Ferrari and Ducati.
For our steel framesets, the steel is produced by Columbus in Italy.
We employ the tube-to-tube technique, representing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, to produce 100% custom-made frames.
As no two cyclists are alike, each frame is meticulously hand-laid on the mask, with precise calculations for tube length and angle. The tubes are skillfully bonded and wrapped, resulting in an unmatched fusion of comfort, performance, and Italian style.
In the final stage, our road bikes are transformed into exquisite pieces of art.
Hand-painted in Italy with the finest-quality paints, these bikes are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s akin to comparing a poster to a masterfully crafted oil painting. The glossy finish radiates depth and shine, while the matte delivers a crisp, flawless elegance, setting Formigli bikes apart as true works of art in the cycling world.
Before we ship your bike or you come to the shop for delivery, Mr. Formigli conducts a thorough quality check, ensuring that every technical and aesthetic aspect has been crafted to perfection. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we guarantee precision in every aspect of your bike’s construction.