Renzo Formigli Founder

Renzo Formigli

Born in Florence in 1969, Renzo Formigli was immersed in the world of cycling and the adrenaline of racing from an early age, his family racing semi-professionally.
Embarking on his first venture into bicycle assembly at the age of 12, Formigli decided his life would be dedicated to building world class elite bicycles.
Formigli’s journey took a pivotal turn in his teenage years when the iconic Cino Cinelli offered to teach him the revered Italian frame crafting mysteries.
These secrets, provided Formigli the cornerstone upon which he built the globally acclaimed brand that stands today. The enigmatic Italian master frame builder’s techniques remain at the core of every Formigli frame, a testament to their enduring significance.
Renzo established Formigli, nearly 4 decades ago, infusing the Italian master trade secrets inherited from Cellini with technological innovation, thus shaping his unique signature.
With an unwavering dedication to perfection, he consistently refines his art, pushing boundaries across the decades. Formigli frames are renowned for their transformative influence on a rider’s speed, bike handling and overall saddle experience.
Renzo’s hands-on approach extends from steel to carbon fiber, allowing him to create completely custom bikes using cutting-edge materials.
Each Formigli frame is meticulously crafted by hand in Florence Italy with the utmost dedication, ensuring they remain unique and never mass-produced or mass-marketed.
The bicycle frame creation process at Formigli is a true celebration of cycling, where innovation and craftsmanship unite to create frames that not only perform magnificently but also ignite the rider’s spirit with every pedal stroke.